Ruths Quick Tip on Garlic bread

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I mentioned earlier that Community Market has the mini loaves of New York Garlic Bread for 1.00.  This is great for a snack.  All you have to do is slice bread longways – put on pizza or spaghetti sauce – add any other toppings you want and make pizza bread.  Bake for 10-15 min. at 375 degrees.  If you want this for supper, add a salad and open a can of fruit and you have a complete meal.

This is easy and simple to make.  It doesn’t take long to do – possibly a half hour from start to finish.    If you get the kids involved in helping to make it, it will be fun and educational.   Each person can make the kind of pizza bread they want.  (Not only will they be helping, but you are starting them on their way to fixing a quick supper if you are not there.)   There are pluses and minuses with this type of cooking.  You get a break from doing it all yourself, but on the other hand there is the mess to contend with when children get involved.  You decide.  Myself, I would opt for the quality time to spend with the kids, not only in making the food, but in cleaning up the mess.

If you like this idea, you probably should pick up quite a few of the mini garlic loaves.  This is not only a time-saving meal, but a cost-savings as well.  When you compare buying pizza to making this, you have a cheaper, inexpensive and fresh way to eat.

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