Its Time to Start Bringing the Outside In

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This past spring, my daughter-in-law gave me the most beautiful arrangement for Mother’s Day. An Anthurium plant. This has beautiful red, pink and white flowers and it blooms all year.  I have kept it on my front porch all summer. With the colder weather coming, I didn’t want it to die from frost, so I transplanted it and brought it in the house.

Below is some pictures of how I did it, but if you use the same concept when transplanting, you can bring any plant indoors to survive until next year (if you have the room, that is)

Materials Needed:

  • Plant (any type of plant that has a long life will do)
  • Soil (potting soil would be best)
  • Container (about 2 inches larger than the original container)
  • Some small rocks or stones (the size of marbles)
  • Basket (optional)

 Directions for Transplanting:

  • Fill the larger pot with about 2 inches of rocks or stones and then fill about 1/3 o f soil
  • Loosen the soil from around your plant by squeezing the sides of the pot until you feel some give on the pot.
  • Turn the pot with the plant in it on its side and gently remove the plant, keeping as much dirt around the roots as possible.
  • Place the plant in the larger pot, making sure that it is straight.
  • Water gently before putting more dirt around the plant.
  • Add more dirt all around the plant until it is about 1 inch from the top of the container. (This will allow for watering without overflowing).  Gently pack the dirt around the plant and water.
  • Place the plant in a decorative basket (optional)

While we still have some warm days, keep this outside and bring it in the house at night, so it will become accustomed to the house temperature and humidity.  You should have a wonderful plant that will last until the spring.


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