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Must Have Spices for Cooking 


We are very good friends with a couple that we have known for years.  About once every couple of weeks we get together for an evening of good food and just relaxing.  There are times we go to a restaurant, but most times we stay at home and fix dinner.  (You know by now, how I love to cook).

The last time we got together, I made Wine and Artichoke Pasta with Herbed Chicken, along with Italian Bread Salad.  It turned out really great.

Now, let me say that my friend is an excellent cook (been doing it for years), but she could have blown me over with a feather when she asked what kind of spices could she get to make some dishes that I have made in the past.  Besides salt and pepper, she said that was the most she has ever used in the way of spices.  Oh, maybe an occasional garlic powder or chili powder here and there, but other than that, she really did not use a lot of spices and asked me what she should get to be able to “Spice” up their food.

I realized then, that there may be a lot of other people that only ‘use’ salt and pepper when they cook.  Lots of times it is because they get items that are already prepared ie, Pasta Sauce, Taco Mix, Salsa etc.  With a few spices on hand, even those prepared items that are usually flat tasting can be brought back to life and acually have some flavor just by using spices.

I made my friend a small list of the top 5 spices that I feel needs to be in everyone’s pantry.  They are really inexpensive, but ohh do they add flavor. They are the basics and when you find out how much flavor they add to food, I garantee you will want to experiment with other spices.

Must Have Spice list:

  1. Garlic Powder
  2. Oregano
  3. Basil
  4. Italian Seasoning
  5. Red Pepper Flakes

Now I know that their are a kuzillion spices out there and it all depends on what you like to eat.  My taste runs toward Italian food, but the above spices is a must have for anybody that cooks.

Are there other spices that are a must have to start your spice rack with, certainly.  If you need help and want to find out about other spices and what you can do with them, email me and I will help you decide on what spices are better for you given your families taste in certain crusines.

Watch for some later posts when I show you how to take spices and make rubs, dips, dressings and new even spices.


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